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You can change the world,

by showing the world you can change.

Five years ago, Storied Portraits' founder David Kafer had an idea, which he called The Portrait Project. He soon set out on an ambitious quest to photograph and document stories of people from across the country. David’s goal was to help people share the kinds of stories that speak to the heart; stories that are powerful enough to effect change.


Through the growth of this project, his initial results challenged him to question more. Such as: Is it possible to explore and express people’s similarities as a first step in addressing the issues people face? Over time and through many conversations with trusted advisors, David established Storied Portraits in 2020 as a non-profit organization focused on addressing stereotypes and discrimination.

Storied Portraits challenges the social constraints that limit the liberty of people across this country by offering different mediums to champion their voices: portraits paired with hand-written letters, a podcast, community meet-ups that help people talk through uncomfortable conversations, op-eds, and educational resources.


Storied Portraits uses the compelling power of story to address the real issues that affect people in daily life. By raising all voices, our content promotes conversations among individuals and communities about how to discuss, respond to, and eradicate bias.


Allen Carr

Board Member

Allen joined the Board specifically to be involved with an organization that actively and proactively gives a platform...


Rachel Johnson

Board Member

Rachel’s professional endeavors, as well as her volunteer and community work, are diverse and impact-driven. 


David Kafer

Board Member

David always wanted to help draw attention to the voices that usually go unheard. 

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